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Sulla linea Napoli-Catania rientrano nella categoria residenti i pax residenti in Sicilia.

Sulle linee Siremar rientrano nella categoria residenti i pax residenti nell'arcipelago di destinazione/provenienza



- If you travel with a luggage rack above the roof of your car, you have to choose: "Auto - non in lista" and specify manually the category : " Cars with height over 180 cm, Off roads, SUVs and Minivans "

-If you do not find your car's model, select: "Auto - non in lista" and specify in the box category, the group ownership of your vehicle according to its size and / or type.



Use of personal data

Caronte & Tourist Group uses their clients' personal data according to the dispositions found in the Legislative Decree dated June 30, 2003 n. 196, in relation to the "Protection of personal data Code". It is appliable in Italy to the European Union Directives for such matters, as well as listing the obligations the company has, and obides by, in observing a person's privacy. According to art. 13 of D.Lgs. 196/2003, Caronte & Tourist Group is required to furnish information relative to the use of personal data. ... is the person in charge of handling all personal data. Accordingly, we'd like to equally inform you that, throughout the booking process and passenger check-in, Caronte & Tourist Group acquires data from its Clients for the exclusive use connected to and/or necessary for properly conducting and managing the business started with their clients as well as fulfilling obligations the laws stipulate, according to regulations and norms imposed by the European Community. These are in turn dispositions imposed on by the proper Authorities according to what the laws and vigilant controls legittimate. The Client shall always have the option of manifesting his/her own consent with reference to his/her consence in the use of personal data for commercial information, market research and offers. It is important to note, however, that for this prupose, Caronte & Tourist Group does not exclude sending informative and/or promotional material by mail. Relative to the indicated use of personal data (mostly automatically done) it shall be done in such a way as to guarantee security and privacy. Execution of one's personal obligations necessarily includes that the personal data collected from Clients is handled by commercial operators. A Client's personal data is strictly used for the correct handling in the service rendered. In addition, an eventual refusal in allowing the handling of personal data shall impede Caronte & Tourist Group from starting and properly executing its contract obligations taken on behalf of the Client. According to art. 7 del D.Lgs 196/2003, Clients have the right to obtain a confirmation of the existence, or lack of, said data and to know its content and origin, check its correctness or ask for a change, update or rectification at any time. They shall equally have the right to ask for the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or to block the use of used data when in violation of the law as well as legittimately oppose any use of them. Data relative to the payment of tickets purchased cannot be purchased and elaborated in any way by Caronte & Tourist Group, because the transaction is managed by its server: Consorzio Triveneto S.p.A. - viale dell'Industria 23 - 35129 Padova, or e-mail privacy@constriv.it, under security and privacy.

the transport conditions


The word "passenger" refers to each person travelling, based on a passenger ticket issued by the carrier and/or authorized agencies. The word "vehicle" refers to any vehicle being transported by the passenger and not for transportation of goods or freight; in the definition of "vehicle" it is also intended any eventual towage and/or camper that is subject to different tariff(s) due to cumbersome size and/or weight. The words "carrier" and/or "Company" refer to Caronte & Tourist Group. The carrier is committed to transporting the passenger and accompanied vehicles at the following general travelling conditions that are sufficiently advertised at authorized ticket sellers and/or by the "Carrier" and/or on board the ship and/or through website: www.newtttlines.it and that, prior to ticket purchasing and/or booking, the passenger commits to thoroughly examining and observing.
2- REGULATION FOR TRANSPORT AND VALIDITY In addition to Regulation CE/392/2009 and to Regulation UE71177/2010, transportation commitment is governed by artt. 396 e segg. of the Navigation Code. (Please visit www.newtttlines.it for details). The "Carrier" declines any responsibility for damages caused to passengers due to delay in non-execution of transport in the event of circumstances beyond the carrier's control, natural causes, bad weather conditions, strikes and any technical damage impeding the carrying out of the said transportation. For the liability regime in relation to transportation of passengers, automobiles, and for other non-foreseen vehicles not present in these general conditions, one must refer to the expressed norms in vigour found in the Italian Navigation Code, in Regulation UE/1177/2010 and according to the Italian Civil Code. Until disembarkation, passengers are responsible for their own luggage and contents. Passenger tickets are personal, neither assignable, nor transferable and valid only for the transportation indicated. Tickets must be diligently kept and guarded by passengers and must be exhibited upon the ship personnel's request. Any passenger without a ticket must immediately inform the Master and/or Purser. Failing to comply, in addition to any additional damages, he/she shall be liable for double the payment for his/her transportation until the port of destination.
The price indicated on the ticket is the carrier's tariff in vigour on the date of ticket issuance. Until ticket issuance, the company is entitled to modify prices in case of increases in fuel costs or port taxes and duties. In such a case, the passenger is entitled to recede the contract when the ticket increase amounts to more than 10%. Ticket price does not include meals that can be eaten at the restaurant and/or self-service which are all extra costs for which the passenger is responsible. Eventual embarkation and disembarkation taxes, where applicable, will be explicitly indicated on the passenger ticket. In order for a resident to benefit from the applicable reduction in price, he/she must submit proper and valid proof of identification at the time of booking/purchase of any ticket.
Time of embarkation, unless otherwise stated in writing, is two hours prior to scheduled time of departure for passengers with vehicles; passengers without vehicles must check-in one hour prior to scheduled departure time. Any passenger who is not present for embarkation at the time of established embarkation shall not be guaranteed either embarkation or any refund.
Except for what is foreseen by art. 400 Cod. Nav., the Company concedes that the passenger, who no longer intends or who can no longer depart, can seek for partial refund of the ticket price. Any cancellation or refund must be communicated in writing to the office located in Naples by fax at telephone number: 081 5752132 or by certified e-mail at: rimborsi@tttlines.com, directly by the passenger himself or through the travel agency that issued the tickets and is subject to the following terms and penalties:
- from the booking date until 10 days prior to departure 80%
- from 9 days until 3 days prior to departure 70%
- until 2 days prior to departure 50%
- until 24 hours prior to departure 25%
(number of days does not include the day of cancellation).
Any dues matured from the date of ticket issuance cannot be subject for refund. In calculating refunds, only the requested day of cancellation (with proof of receipt) shall be accepted. No refund shall be given to any cancellation on the day of departure nor to any 'no shows' at established time of embarkation is previous note has not been previously communicated to the Company of a circumstance stated in art. 400 Cod. Nav., nor to anyone who communicates partial cancellations at time of check-in for embarkation.
In case of ticket variations, a non-refundable mandatory fee of &eur; 10,00 shall be applied except in the case of a personally named passenger or vehicle ticket. Any eventual reduction in ticket prices shall be refunded after due penalties listed in the above article have been applied. Any modification or variation shall be made according to availability. In case of cancellation, for refunds, the same penalties and conditions listed on article 5 apply. No variations are allowed on the day of departure. All tickets issued at special prices shall be subject to price integration if the new date or new type of transport is no longer equal to the originally special priced ticket.
Before departure, passengers are responsible for verifying that there are no variations relative to the vessel and/or scheduled time or departure indicated on ticket. In any case, the Company is entitled to the cancellation, delay of departure and interruption of trip (as regulated by articles 403, 404 e 405 of the navigation code and according to Regulation UE/1177/2010. Please visit www.newtttlines.it for details). Arrival times, where foreseen, are to be understood as approximate and could be varied due to adverse sea-weather conditions, port traffic, eventual maneuvers and limitations imposed by competent authorities or others not attributable to the Company. The Master has the complete right to assist other ships that find themselves in mortal danger and to assist other ships in danger and to compensate for or take a detour from established routes, in whatever direction necessary, according to the safest sea-weather conditions for navigation
Vehicles will be called to be loaded in the order the Master of the ship disposes of and/or by his/her assistants and employees. Vehicles that run on liquid gas must be declared at time of booking and loading. Alarm systems and electrical theft-proof devices and mechanisms must be switched off at time of loading. Vehicle loading operations, including their assigned parking space on board, the operations of discharge, in addition to eventual transfer of vehicles to/from their parking space to the ship and/or eventual transfer of vehicles from the ship to their parking space, must always be done with extreme care and are at the passenger(s) exclusive risk and responsibility. Seeing the Transporter is in no way legally responsible for missing personal objects or luggage located in the vehicles, at the moment of parking, the passenger must pull the stationing brake, put the gear in neutral, check that all vehicle lights are switched off and ensure that all doors and boot (trunk) are well closed. Passengers are exclusively responsible for eventual damage done to a third party, their vehicles, goods and luggage therein contained. Eventual damage to vehicles or in the event of any other item of damage during transportation must be declared before disembarkation. In such a case, passengers have to sign a written report filled out by a ship official.
Passengers must observe the provisions of Italian and foreign laws as well as to the ship Master's instructions and the present Company regulations which the passenger takes vision of at the moment of ticket purchase. All rules and regulations are also consultable on the company website: www.newtttlines.it and at any company ticketing agency. Furthermore, the passenger is directly liable to the Company for any infringement, penalty, fine and expenses imposed on the Company by maritime port authorities, customs, health and/or any other authority in any Country as a consequence of his misconduct. Minors under 18 years of age but older than 14 may travel alone under the complete responsibility of a legal parent or guardian. Minors under 14 must travel accompanied by an adult and share the same accommodation. It is also agreed that passengers travelling with minors shall look after them and shall not allow them to wander unaccompanied while on the ship. In case of emergency, the passenger shall be at the disposal of the Master and Officers and shall strictly abide by their orders and instructions. In conformity to the anti-terrorist norms in vigour (ISPS), passengers can be, at any time, subject to baggage inspection and/or be asked to exhibit valid identification on behalf of ship officers.
The Master may refuse passage to the passenger who in the Company's opinion is not in either physical or mental condition to travel or to the passenger who, under the influence of drugs, hallucinating substances and/or alcohol may be dangerous to other passengers and for ship security. In such instances, the passengers shall not be entitled to any refund and shall be responsible for any damage caused to the vessel, its fittings and equipment, any delays in departure, to third parties as well as to properties belonging to third parties. The acceptance of passengers on board shall not be considered as a waiver to the Company's right to enforce rules and norms.
Any pregnant female passenger who embarks agrees to be solely responsible and accept the risks connected with not having any medical assistance on board nor having the proper facilities to manage any eventual emergency. Furthermore, the Company, the ship and its crew does not assume any responsibility and/or liability for transportation by sea neither in relative to eventual bad sea weather conditions nor in relation to the difficulties in accessing external assistance that may cause any negative consequence to a pregnant passenger.
In conformity to the norms in vigour, the ship has a limited number of cabins available for passengers with limited mobility and/or disabled passengers. The Transporter accepts advanced booking by disabled passengers and from passengers with limited mobility at the same conditions applied to all other passengers. In conformity to Regulation UE/1177/2010, it's the responsibility of the disabled passenger and the passenger with limited mobility to communicate, at the time of booking or advanced ticket purchase, their specific needs and/or any necessary assistance on board (seat, room, transportation of medical equipment) in writing. For any other assistance, these passengers must inform the Transporter or the terminal operator by email at least 48 hours prior to departure and they must be present at the designated area at least 60 minutes prior to departure. When observing obligations applied to International, European Community or National Security Legislation and complying with obligations in security established by competent authorities (by this, it's intended when the port renders embarkation, disembarkation and/or safe transport impossible), the Transporter may refuse to accept a reservation, issue a ticket or embark a disabled passenger or a passenger with limited mobility. In such cases, the Transporter shall inform the disabled passenger or the passenger with limited mobility and proceed with a refund if a ticket has been issued. When absolutely necessary, the Transporter may require the passenger to be accompanied by another person who is able to furnish assistance. The person who accompanies the disabled passenger or passenger with limited mobility travels free of charge. Besides the rights indicated in Regulation UE/1177/2010, in case of loss and/or damage to auxiliaries used for mobility or to any other equipment specifically used for passengers with limited mobility, damages due shall correspond to the value of equipment replacement in question or, if necessary, to the cost of reparation.
It is strictly forbidden to the passenger to put in his luggage or personal belongings stored inside his vehicles any industrial waste or explosive and/or inflammable substance or any other materials that may be dangerous for the safety of the ship, its cargo or of other passengers and crew. In case of infringement of this prohibition, the Master shall have the power to confiscate or to destroy any such substance and/or material and passenger shall not be entitled to any indemnity. Furthermore, the passenger shall be liable for any consequence arising from the infringement of this prohibition.
13. - WEAPONS:
Upon embarkation the passenger shall hand over to the Master's custody any weapons and firearms in his/her possession. In case of infringement, offenders may be subject to the confiscation of their weapons or firearms and to reference to the competent judicial authority.
14. - LUGGAGE:
All valuables, jewels, cash, credit cards travellers' cheques etc. may be deposited in the ship's safe, where available, otherwise handed over in a sealed envelope to the Pursuer in exchange for a receipt without description of its contents. It is agreed that the carrier's liability for hand baggage or goods not handed over, is limited as indicated by law.
Any apparent loss or damage to the luggage and/or personal belongings or vehicle shall be notified immediately to the Master or the Travel Agent or the Company's Officials at the port of destination. Non-apparent loss or damage shall be notified within three days of delivery in the same above manner. Failure to notify shall be deemed as delivery in good condition. Unless the passenger proves the Transporter caused any loss or damage, the Transporter shall not be held liable for any loss and/or damage to luggage and properties not delivered by the passenger to the Transporter. The Transporter shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by vandalism committed by third parties.
Passengers' small pets (cats, dogs, etc.) with good health certificate are welcome on board upon payment of the relevant fare. According to health and sanitary regulations, pets shall travel in their dedicated areas only. The admittance to cabins and public rooms is strictly forbidden. The passenger shall be liable for any damage whatsoever caused by his/her pets to things or third parties. The carrier disclaims all responsibilities for any quarantine or decisions of Health Authorities as well as for any injury suffered by pets as well as for their loss or death during the voyage or on embarkation and disembarkation.
The passenger is entitled to the accommodation stated on the ticket and, failing that, to the accommodation assigned by the Master or the Pursuer. The Company is entitled to give a different accommodation to the passenger: if the accommodation given is of higher class, no fare difference shall be requested.
The contract of transportation of passengers, their luggage and vehicles is governed by and construed according to Italian law. Any claim or dispute relating to the validity and/or interpretation and/or execution of this contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of its legal headquarters. In addition, if a passenger is an Italian resident, and thus defined as a user and consumer, according to the Italian norm in vigour, the local jurisdiction of the consumer shall apply.
In accordance to the Law Decree n. 251/1999 of CEE Directive 98/41 dated 18.06.1998 and norms relative to the application of ISPS code on the Norms of anti-terrorism, at the time of booking and at time of ticket purchase, all passengers must communicate their ID information: name, surname, sex, age category (newborn, child, minor between 14 and 18, or adult). This personal data, following the present norm, shall be saved only for the time necessary according to the guidelines stated in the Law Decree and/or in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003